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We Can Pass For Girlfriends


I know you've been checking me out for a while now. You've been looking over my picture, fantasizing and daydreaming what you'd like to do to me. All of the noises and sounds of the city around you are completely blocked out, and it is just you and my picture. I love it. It turns me on. It gets me wet. Let me come to life and see you in the flesh, because I know you want to see mine. You should know that I came from the east coast and used to work with the Washington DC escorts. Because of the wonderful things I learned out there, I believe I have become an amazing companion, especially when I moved to Las Vegas. I'll be the best of all the Las Vegas escorts on the strip, so while we are walking down the street, hand in hand, everyone is going to turn and look, because they know you have the hottest girl in the city with you.

Treat me like your queen and I will ensure you are served like a king. Loving you is my priority and caring for you is my call to serve. It is nice to have you here in Las Vegas – the home of great fun, entertainment and pleasure; and I will be the best escort to lead you in the right way – taking you to places you would love and remember all your life and doing erotic and sensual things you will never forget for ages.  I believe I am one of the best with giving a Las Vegas sensual massage and I am a great dancer and a very talented one at that as an experienced stripper. I will show you how good a dancer or massuse I am when we are alone in your private room and if you also want me to entertain your friends dancing, I will be pleased to do so.

I am a woman who absolutely wants to please her man. If you get me as one of your Las Vegas call girls, I certainly know that you need a woman by your side, not only to please you in bed but a woman who can understand your sentiments. I am very much willing to listen to anything that you will tell me. I am happy that you are opening one side of yourself to me because that only means you trust me. While listening to you, I can learn more about you. I will have an idea what kind of man you are and what pleases or displeases you. Moreover, I will have inkling how you want me as your woman. This way, when we finally come to your room, we will have a flawless time together.

Have you ever had a real Las Vegas massage? If you don’t know what we mean, you have certainly never had one. Why not make your fantasies come true with me or one of our sweet, young, college-girl escorts? Just imagine, a beautiful young girl, fully nude, alone in your room with you, providing you with an intimate, sensuous massage you will never forget. A truly sensuous experience like this, from an independent Las Vegas escort, is definitely NOT an adult experience to write home about!

Are you a lady and want to have fun with another lady? Then look no further. I am one of the few escorts in Las Vegas who exclusively escorts women. I had my first experience with a girl when I was a teenager and it was so awesome I never looked back. I like feeling the soft and tender touch of a woman while giving back the same.

Girls are some of the best clients for Las Vegas escorts. Lots of girls approach me and want to try “fun” with another woman. So you’re not alone. And the best thing about is it that we can pass for girlfriends. No one will suspect a thing. We can hang out anywhere, be seen at the same hotel or in your house and it will be perfectly normal. But behind closed doors, we can heat it up and crazy it up. While with me, you will be able to try all those things you’ve always wanted to but have hitherto never been able to.

You can also watch me with another girl if you want to see how hot it can get. Role play is another thing I can do. But if you want to see how naughty escorts in Las Vegas can get, I can take out my toys and play with them while you watch. I know how to do it seductively and sensuously and you will wish you were one of my toys.

I have lots of things we can do and that I can do for you. But I do not want to let out all my secrets here. It’s hotter and much more interesting when you experience them instead of reading about them. Call me and I’ll show you why Las Vegas escorts are the best in the business.